Pineapple cake
Pineapple cake

Ayushi Pandey



Prep Time

0 : 10

Cooking Time

1 : 0



Nutrient Value (per 100 gm)
*Color codes: low, medium or high quantity for corresponding nutrient. Grey for Not Applicable
Energy -
Fat 15.2 g
Sat Fat 7.72 g
Salt 531.0 mg
Sugars 30.4 g
  • Other Items
  1. 1/2cup brown sugar, divided
  2. 1cup Butter
  3. 1 fresh pineapple,tinned will also do
  4. Few Cherries
  5. 2 cups Sugar
  6. 2 Eggs
  7. 1 tbsp Baking Powder
  8. 2 Top Vanilla
  9. 1/2 tsp Salt
  10. 2 and 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  11. Little Water
  1. Preheat oven to 350degree Fahrenheit. Grease mould,sprinkling half of brown sugar evenly.
  2. Place pan into preheated oven for about 5mins or till the butter begins to bubble. Remove the pan from oven and make sure brown sugar mixture is evenly distributed.
  3. Place single Pineapple ring in the centre of each pan with 5 additional rings around the centre ring. Place cherry in the centre of each ring.
  4. Cut few pieces of pineapple from remaining portion. Keep aside.
  5. Puree left pineapple adding little water, sieve and put aside it's juice (discard it's scrap)
  6. For batter of the cakes, in the bowl of electric mixer,combine the remaining butter and all other ingredients. Mix until uniform. Mix at medium speed for 3min.
  7. Add pineapple juice, cubbed pieces and mix well.
  8. Pour batter into pan covering all fruit slices. Place in oven and bake for approximately 45-55min or untill toothpick stuck into the middle comes out clean.
  9. Remove the cakes from the oven and allow to cool until the pan is just cool enough to handle. Loosen the edges of the cake with the help of a thin spatula or knife and invert onto serving plate.
  10. Leave the cake pan in place for a couple of min to allow the remaining fruit and syrup to drip down onto the cake.